Ms. Eniola Adewumi

UK Travel Consultant

Brief info

Ms. Eniola Adewumi, a Project Manager and Housing Advisor, traces her passion for travel back to her childhood in Nigeria, where her mother instilled a love for exploration by orchestrating family holidays. Since relocating to the UK, Eniola has embarked on numerous adventures across Europe, the USA, Mexico, the UAE, and various cities within the UK.

Her extensive travels have enriched her understanding of diverse cultures, religious beliefs, cuisines, and beverages, further fueling her passion for exploration. As a project manager with an unwavering love for travel, Eniola seamlessly combines her organizational skills with her wanderlust to curate travel packages for families and groups to various destinations.

She firmly believes that “Travel is Education,” recognizing the profound learning opportunities that come from immersing oneself in different cultures and experiences. With Eniola at the helm, travelers can expect meticulously planned itineraries and unforgettable experiences that leave a lasting impact and create cherished memories for all involved.

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